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Hometown Heating & Air Conditioning is a family business with family values that’s here to help. We’re an air conditioning service company in Waxhaw, NC that is dedicated to all of our clients by providing reliable and professional services. We provide a range of services from emergency repairs to whole house purification to part replacements. If you’re looking to have your air conditioner serviced by professionals. We’ll make sure that your system is being taken care of completely for better integration and system performance. Count on our team and call (980) 315-5440 today.

AC Parts Replacement

There can be many reasons why your AC isn’t working well. However, when it comes to certain behaviors such as overheating, the likely cause can be narrowed down to specific parts. When it comes to a malfunctioning or worn part, it’s essential to get that component repaired or replaced as it can compromise other parts of the system overall. The system will end up overworking itself and using up more energy in order to make up for a part’s failure. This in turn can prematurely wear other parts of the system. That’s why when you notice odd system behavior, it’s best to get your system inspected by a professional HVAC technician. Prevent small problems from growing into large ones with our team of professionals today. Your air conditioner may run into a variety of issues down the line.

Air Conditioner Replacement and Installation

Whether you require a new AC from old age or want an upgraded system, a new AC will come with a number of improvements over older systems. You’re looking at better energy efficiency, control functions, and longevity with a new system. There are several options out there that can be a great addition to your property. Give our team a call to improve your overall air conditioning system today. We’re happy to guide you through your choices so you can make the best-informed decision for your property.

Whole House Air Purification

It’s important to note that indoor air quality is often much worse than outside air. That’s due to the fact that air is recirculated often with unclean filters, poor ventilation, and other various factors. Prevent air-borne pathogens and allergens from compromising the health and mood of occupants inside your home. Speak to our team of knowledgeable experts about how beneficial whole house air purification is for residential homes.

Emergency AC Repair

At times you may experience certain problems with your AC system that require assistance ASAP. That’s why we provide 24/7 availability in order to get a skilled technician scheduled out to your property for repairs. Expect Hometown Heating & Air Conditioning to be the air conditioning service company in Waxhaw, NC  you can rely on for well-rounded treatment. We’re happy to discuss what needs to be done and developed the right plan of action at any time. Call us today to schedule services.

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Hometown Heating & Air Conditioning is here to provide you with the air conditioning services you require for a fully functioning AC system. We’re an experienced and skilled air conditioning service company in Waxhaw, NC that is ready to provide you with customer satisfaction no matter if your request is big or small. Our results speak for themselves, speak to us about your concerns today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a resolution. Call (980) 315-5440 today for an estimate and to schedule services.