Gas Furnace Repair and Replacement

Propane flame inside of gas boiler furnace

Have a Certified Technician Handle Gas Units

We are a family-owned and operated HVAC Company. When it comes to a gas furnace, it’s essential to have a certified technician handle any changes in order to not compromise the safety of occupants. Hometown Heating & Air Conditioning has a trained and certified team that is experienced with handling gas furnaces so you can rest assured that your system is in good hands. For professional gas furnace repair in Waxhaw, NC, contact us at (980) 315-5440. Get an estimate today.

Gas Furnace Installation or Gas Furnace Replacement

With the nature of gas, furnaces deal with natural gas and fire instead of electricity and coils, it’s important to call a professionals technician when any malfunctions occur. This is in order to prevent any dangerous accidents from happening that can risk the safety and health of occupants in a given property.

As there are a lot of intricate components to a gas furnace, there can be many circumstances where it can break down. Even components of the heating system outside of the unit, like a thermostat that’s not working, can interfere with the proper performance of your heating system. Some other negative things that could be happening with your gas furnace are:

  • Clogged Filters: Over time, your filer may have too much built up on the surface which will hinder airflow around the system. This is a natural occurrence as filters will typically need to be changed monthly to three months. They are easy and affordable to replace and in order to continue to catch unwanted dust, dirt, and debris changes to filters should be made routinely.
  • Opened Furnace Door: If the furnace door is open, it typically won’t switch off so it can keep the fan and burner from sending embers into the room. This is because a gas furnace will use real gas and flames instead of electric coils. Check the safety switch on the side of the door and make sure it hasn’t been removed which can point to deactivation.
  • Contaminated Burners: The ideal look and color of flames should be blue and even which indicated that it is purely gas and fire without outside air contamination. If you see flames turning yellow or orange then the burners are dirty which will cause them to malfunction. Have the burners cleaned of soot to solve this issue.

When you’re in need of gas furnace repair in Waxhaw, NC, look no further than our certified team of experts. We’ll be able to examine your gas furnace and see what is happening that is compromising proper system performance. We’re ready and able to improve your heating system today. Give us a call for assistance today!

Reach Out To Our Team

Reach Out to Our Team

Hometown Heating & Air Conditioning is your reliable HVAC company that has years of experience working with gas furnaces. Our team has the skills and expertise to handle your gas furnace repair in Waxhaw, NC so you can count on a job well done every time. No matter if the issue is big or small, we’re here to help with the same attention to detail and professionalism. Don’t hesitate to give us a call when you notice that something is wrong with your gas furnace. As a family business with family values, we’re here to help! Schedule services, get an estimate, or learn more about our various services by calling us at (980) 315-5440 today.