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Hometown Heating & Air Conditioning is a heating company in Waxhaw, NC that has your best interests in mind. As a family business with family values, we’re here to help. We have certified and trained staff that is here to help you with a variety of heating services. If you’re experiencing issues with your heater or need certain parts replaced, we have the tools and equipment to ensure smoother system operations. Your heating system is essential to warm you up during cold weather. No matter what issues you may need we’ve got the service options for you. If you’d like to learn more about our heater services, or would like an estimate, give us a call at (980) 315-5440 today.

Electric Furnace Repair / Replacement

Although electric furnaces are considered durable and easy to maintain, they will still occasionally require repair or replacements after time. Electric furnaces hold an advantage in that they can be paired with your existing electrical lines for operations. However, when trouble comes around it’ll be expected to conduct fixes with utmost care and caution. In order to ensure that your system is properly taken care of, rely on a skilled technician to handle changes to your electric furnace. These systems will require a trained and certified professional to handle services as electric connections may or may not be addressed. Contact a professional team like us today.

Gas Furnace Repair and Replacement

Gas furnace systems are low in cost and a great source of alternate fuel. Yet they will be very particular to deal with due to the nature of the source of energy. As gas furnace systems are especially risky to tinker with, if you’re having issues with your gas furnace it’s essential for the health and safety of occupants that a certified technician is called for repairs or replacements. Since gas furnaces operate with flames and natural gas, you can be at risk of starting fires or exposing yourself to unsafe fumes. Don’t risk the health of yourself and occupants and rely on a professional for services. We’re here to help you stay safe. You can count on our experienced and skilled technicians who are certified and trained to address a number of problems seen with gas furnaces. Count on our reliable team of experts today.

Heater Parts Replacements

There can be times where a certain part of your heating system is the culprit for slow performance or otherwise malfunctioning heating systems. Even one part can speed up the wear and tear with other parts of the system due to components working in overdrive to make up for the fault. Luckily, our team provides heater parts replacements for those cases where only localized changes need to be made to your heater instead of replacing the overall system. Don’t waste energy and pay more utilities from an overworked system, rely on our team of experts in providing you with heater parts replacements

Speak with Hometown Heating & Air Conditioning at any time when you require services with your heating system. We’re a family-owned and operated heating company in Waxhaw, NC that has your best interests at heart. We’re available to answer any of your questions or concerns so reach out to our team of experts today.

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Hometown Heating & Air Conditioning is an experienced and skilled heating company in Waxhaw, NC that is ready to assist you with your heating needs. No matter if your issues are big or small every service will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism. From repairs, installations and replacements we’re a well-rounded HVAC company that can ensure that your system is up to date and properly functioning. We also provide help with AC systems so take a look at our other services as well. We’re here to discuss your goals and needs at (980) 315-5440. Speak with our knowledgeable team soon to schedule services and get an estimate today. We look forward to speaking with you!